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Thursday 11 April 2013

Heating Assistance for Low Income Families

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If you think that spring will never get here, you are not alone.  Last year at this time, the snow blade was off of the tractor and replaced with the mower deck, and the snow blowers had been put away and replaced with push lawn mowers and string trimmers (or as I like to call them, weed whackers).

But one thing that the long winter does remind us of is how expensive it can be to heat your home, and pretty soon, the utility company will be able to pull the plug on people with large past due balances.  These heating bills can be especially difficult for people with low incomes to deal with.

There are programs out there to help, and these programs are for renters as well as home owners.

One program is the Home Energy Plus program for Marathon County.  They dropped of a bunch of flyers and all of our new tenants are getting information on this program, and our current tenants can pick up a flyer when they come in to pay their rent. 

The following information came directly off of the brochure they gave us to hand out:  As for who qualifies for home energy assistance, households that pay heating costs directly to a fuel or utility company and have an active utilty account.  Households whose heating costs are included in their rent may qualify.  Students enrolled at least part time have additional eligibility requirements, and should contact Energy Services For Marathon County for more information.  There are also income limits based on family size.

The contact number for more information is (715) 842-3111.  Again, per their brochure, grants are determined based on energy costs, household size, income, dwelling typ, etc.  Households who pay their energy costs to a utility or fuel company will have a payment check sent to their company.  Also, applicants may qualify for free home weatherization and they should ask about this during their appointment.

The office for Energy Services, Inc. is located at 308 Grand Avenue, Suite 101 in Wausau, and again the number to schedule an appointment is (715) 842-3111.  Some things you will need to bring for your appointment include your most recent energy bill, social security cards for all members of the household, a photo ID, and written proof of the household's gross income for the three months prior to the application.

DISCLAIMER:  Emmerich Properties and HelpRent.com are in NO WAY associated with this program.  We are only putting this on our blog to try to help get the word out that this program exists.