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Thursday 17 May 2012

Help Us Keep Your Lawns Looking Great!!!

Posted by at 3:20 PM

With the rains that seem to come every April and the sunny days that have been with us for a while now, our lawns are really starting to grow again.  The lawns growing of course means that our mowing season has begun.
We would like to remind our tenants in properties where we (Emmerich Properties) do the lawn care, to please not leave items out on the lawn when they are not in use.  Please keep items on your patios or decks when you are not using them so that we are able to mow lawns.  We don't want to accidently damage your items by moving them or hitting things we didn't see with the mower.  Your cooperation will ensure that all of the lawns are mowed and your apartment and townhouse always looks nice.

If you live in a house or duplex and are therefore responsible for your own lawn mowing, we want to remind you to keep your lawn mowed in accordance with city or village ordinances.  If the municipality ends up mowing your lawn and sending a bill to us, this bill will be forwarded to you... so to save some money (as well as be a good neighbor), please keep your lawn mowed.

Let's all enjoy this summer together on properly mowed lawns!!