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Monday 20 March 2017

The warm weather is coming!!

Posted by at 3:03 PM

The warm weather is coming!!

We all want to open our windows and let the fresh, spring air in.  But with spring, comes spring cleanup.  Here are a couple of tips our office would like to remind you of.

Outdoors: With the snow melting debris and yard waste is exposed.  Please wait for the ground to thaw before cleaning up your yard.  If you are in need of maintenance contact the office at 715.359.1500 to put in a maintenance request.  

Indoors: To let the sun in, it's window cleaning time. Wash your curtains, windows, and screens. And with the sun come's the specks of dust floating around.  Get out your dusting clothes, sprays and give your place a good wipe down.  Vacuum your floors and dust bunnies.   


We enjoy creating a clean environment for our tenants and with your help, we can keep everything looking nice.