453 Grand Ave.
Schofield WI 54476
Office# 715-359-1500
Fax# 715-355-0028
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  •     Ensure you have the information available that is listed below
  •     Click on the Payment Service Network, Inc. icon below to proceed with payment
  •     Follow the instructions they provide.

Information Needed....

  •     The account number for Emmerich & Associates, Inc. (AND HelpRent, Co.), which is RT11267
  •     Your street address and apartment number (Note:  if your unit doesn't have an apartment number, enter apartment no 1 when asked)
  •     If paying by Automatic Withdrawal from checking, have a blank check handy for some of the account information
  •     If paying by Credit Card, your account number and expiration date  

* As of 2/15/05, there is NO LONGER a service fee for credit cards!

Click the icon below to proceed...

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If You Buy Local, You Should Also "RENT LOCAL"

Of course you "rent local", it is kind of hard not to, especially if you want to live there.  However, by renting an apartmernt that is locally owned, that money you pay in rent is much more likely to stay in the community.  In 2012, over $1,000,000 was put back into the local econonmy because our tenants chose to "rent local."
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