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We work hard to return our tenants' security deposit within the 21 days allowed by law.  We would prefer to return the entire deposit every time.  Read more to learn how you can ensure your deposit is returned to you in full.

Friday 24 April 2015
Posted by:  8:40 AM CST

Despite recent cold temperatures and the occational snow fall, it really is spring.  With the change of season comes spring-clean up, construction projects, and other seasonal issues.  Read further for things you can do to help us make your home a great place to live.

Posted by:  3:30 PM CST

We have many properties that are pet-friendly.  However there are increased risks to us as a property owner for allowing pets.  Therefore we have had to put in some specific pet policies and charges.  Please continue reading for more information on our pet policies.

Monday 19 January 2015
Posted by:  7:05 AM CST

Some low-income individuals and families in Wisconsin qualify for a Homestead Housing Credit.  Renters need a Rent Certificate as part of claiming this credit.  Here is some advice to help us provide you with this important form.

Posted by:  9:09 AM CST

Your smoke detectors help ensure that you have a safe home this holiday season.  We make every effort to work with you to ensure that they are working properly, and ask that you test them on a regular basis.  Read more for information on this critcial safety device.